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Tony Brown
The Reinvention Of Retail & The High Street

Kevin Byrne From Bedroom To Exit in 19yrs

Philippa Reader Build Your Brilliant Business With Coaching

Bernie Davies Your Business, Your Way

Matthew Elwell Open with A Close (Workshop)

Allan Pease How To Live An Extraordinary Life

John Tschohl Empowering Excellence In Customer Service (Workshop)

BizSpot & Rick Powell Wealth Creation Utilising Trade Credit

Dr Patrick Antoine Global Economy – Local Business

Taylor Verberkmoes Connecting You To A Business You Love

Sam Dyer 108 Big Words

Bill Guertin The 7 Voices In Your Head

Dr Suzanne Henwood Managing Stress & Anxiety In Business

Erwin Brem A Franchisee’s View On Franchising

Andy Lennox Growing A Hospitality Business In Challenging Times

Sven Lauch COVID19 Trauma – How to help your team recover

Matt Alderton Developing & Leading People

Jeff Fenech One Of The 20 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Barnaby Wynter Innovating Your Business Brand (Workshop)

Andy Taylor-Whyte The Power Of You (Workshop)

Brian Wrigley Common Sense Business Strategies

Allan Pease How To Live An Extraordinary Life

Sapna Pieroux Build Your Brand, Build Your Business (Workshop)

Lauren Jones Building Your Purpose Led Business

Rebecca Lodge Birkebaek Speak Happy Presentations

Dr. David Cliff Courtesy & Reciprocity

Stacey Hylen Add a Zero, Without the Hustle

Wayne Sharp Future Business Sustainability

Warren Knight Digital First – The New Normal

James Short Motivating Your Small Team

Frank King The Mental Health Comedian

Paul Hargreaves Your Purpose Driven Business

Thomas Greco Get Ready To Play In The Butterfly Economy

Glenn Dobson Activity Drives Results

Dan Gable Shout Out With Video

Karen Chaston The People Profits Connection

Doyle Buehler Creating Transformation Through Digital

Matt Harding BBX Trading Tips

Nigel Apperley Using Your Reviews To Come Out Of Covid Stronger (Workshop)

Joe Pici Sales Edge (Workshop)

8am – Show & Exhibitor Opening / Networking

Ash Lawrence
9am – How To Beat The Boom Bust Bollocks

Lord Mark Price
10am – How To Maximise Employee Engagement

Mark Bayley-Smyth
10am – Leadership In A Digital World

Sally Marshall 11am – Fitness and Finance: Know Your Numbers
Kate Baucherel 12pm – Business on the Block
Warren Cass 2pm – Don’t Sell Features & Benefits … Sell Certainty

Bob Hayward
3pm – The Profit Secret Webinar – How To Sell More At A Higher Margin

Alison Edgar MBE
4pm – SMASH IT! The Art of Getting What You Want

John Tschohl
5pm – Driving Sales by Delivering Superior Customer Service

Dave Plunkett
5:15pm – Practical, Profitable, Partnerships.

Lucas Tindell
5.30pm – Inspired To Excel

David Kolbe 6pm – Do More. More Naturally: The Secret To Truly Productive Teams
Joe Pici 6.30pm – Priority And Time Management
Melissa Smith 7pm – The Secret Strategy of Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant

Keith Rosen
8pm – How to Develop & Coach A Remote Sales Team

Heather Williams 9pm – DISC For Better Sales Performance
Chuck Reaves 9.30pm – VIVA – Ideas You Should Have Introduced Yesterday
Saviz Savisyar 07:30am- 25th June – How To Buy Property On BBX
Edward Zia 8.00am – 25th June – How To Become A Successful LinkedIn Influencer

8am – Show & Exhibitor Opening / Networking

10am (UK GMT) – Your Partnerships – UK

Drop In & Mingle Session with Steve Bodtenberg

12pm (UK GMT) – Your Partnerships – UK

Warren D’Souza – “The Popular Cornwall Networking”

2pm Networking with Brian Morrison – BizSocial

4pm – BBX Networking

6pm (UK GMT) – Your Partnerships – USA

BJ Stephens – “Connect With Businesses Around The World”

10pm (UK GMT) – Your Partnerships – AUS

Joe Bellissimo – “Round Up Your Connections”

12am Networking with Brian Morrison – BizSocial

Quantum Leap Business Show LinkedIn Page

Quantum Leap Business Show LinkedIn Event

David Johnstone (interview)
9:30am – Thoughts from the Chairman of a $200M Company

Barry Cusack (interview)
10:30am – How running a multi-billion dollar company & a small business are the same.

Joe Foster (interview) 11:30am – Get your business sprinting
Phil Jauncey (interview) 12:30pm – Leadership & Performance with Dr. Feel Good

Andy & Megan Bounds (pre-recorded talk)
1:30pm – Easy Quick Lovely Sales

Fred Dinenage MBE (interview) 2:30pm – 50 Years in the UK Media – How?

Lawson Muncaster (interview)
3:30pm – Thought from the co-founder of City AM

Dr Lee Oi Kum (interview)
4:30pm – Social enterprises and philanthropic endeavours

Daryl Woodhouse (pre-recorded) 5:15pm – 7 Actions To Avoid Burnout Whilst Growing Your Business

Jon Dutton (interview)
6pm – How to run a World Cup during COVID

Devon Harris (Interview)
7:30pm – Keep on pushing past your obstacles

Paul Bohill (interview)
8.30pm – Can’t pay? We’ll take it away

Rory Lawson (interview) 10pm – What makes a great leader
Penny Power (interview) 10:30pm – Community led business growth

Scott Fitzpatrick (interview)
11pm – Wealth creation is a family affair

Michael Davis (pre-recorded talk) 11:30pm – Presentation skills – overcome the challenges that come with public speaking

Malcolm Larri (pre-recorded talk)
12am – 25th June – The art of pitching yourself & your value to the market place

Jennifer Wisdom (pre-recorded) 12:30am- 25th June – Millenials are taking over – advancing the leaders of the future
Craig Campbell (pre-recorded talk) 1am – 25th June – The benefits of SEO campaigns
Bob Bagga (interview) 1:30am- 25th June – The Power Of Barter For Small Businesses
Colin McIntosh (interview) 2am – 25th June – Have a whole lot of Sheets & Giggles with Colin
Rick Terrien (pre-recorded) 2:30am- 25th June – Did you know most business start-ups are launched by people aged 45 and above?
Douglas Spencer (pre-recorded) 3am – 25th June – Who do you think you are? A question most brands cannot answer. Can you?
Maddy Alexander-Grout (interview) 3:30am- 25th June – Become A VIP, Save, Get Visible And Be A CSR Rockstar
Holly Smith (pre-recorded) 4am – 25th June – Business fitness Aussie style
Jonathan Jay (pre-recorded) 4:30am- 25th June – No nonsense tips on how to buy a business
Liz Brewer (interview) 5am – 25th June – Extraordinary events for the rich, powerful & famous
Tom Lawrence (pre-recorded) 5:30am- 25th June – Leadership & Personal growth webinar
Emma Rice (interview) 6am – 25th June – When you love you job you never work another day in your life.
Diane Helbig (pre-recorded) 6:30am- 25th June – Selling doesn’t work, curiosity does.

Elizabeth Pampalone (pre-recorded)
7:30am – 25th June -How to create 1 year of marketing content in 5 days.