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How To Maximise Employee Engagement

Lord Mark Price, Founder of WorkL For Business and WorkL presents his six steps to workplace happiness, to create an engaged workforce, which ultimately creates a more commercially successful business.

Lord Price passes on his 30 years’ of experience as a successful businessman, from his time leading Waitrose to being appointed Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

Founder WorkL.co, President CMI, Chair Fairtrade, Director CCEP, House of Lords. Perry maker.

The Art of Pitching Yourself & Your Value to the Marketplace

During this 40 minute session you will learn the art of pitching yourself and why it’s an absolutely critical skill in modern working life. Whether it’s an elevator pitch, your personal storytelling, preparing for a job interview or managing your reputation, you will gain valuable insights and skills on how to share your value.

Helping individuals and organisations create engagement and inspiration around managing change.

Founder Brave Personal Development / Leadership & Culture Consultant – Hammer & Hanborg / TEDx Host.

Don't Sell Features & Benefits ... Sell Certainty

What do you sell? How do you buy? We all have different contexts, different styles, different priorities… but perhaps we all ultimately sell the same thing.
Warren Cass will discuss ‘certainty’ and the level of confidence required by a prospect before they part with their hard earned cash.

Helping you create deep influence with the people you serve.

International Thought Leader, Speaker & Champion of Small Business.

SMASH IT! The Art of Getting What You Want

Learn about Alison’s magic formula to achieve your goals and get what YOU want. Alison will encourage you to think about what you want & why do you want it? What’s stopping you from achieving your goals and how do you get what you want? You will takeaway stronger relationships, a deeper knowledge on your own mindset & a clear plan for achieving your goals.

Alison Edgar MBE, 2 x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach.

The Profit Secret Webinar - How To Sell More At A Higher Margin

Whether you are completely new to sales or have many years’ experience as a business owner, The Profit Secret reveals something that has been hiding in full view for years, something that frequently means we lose out on profit, even though we win the sale. This webinar highlights some of the key ideas, mechanisms, & strategies from the new book. Ideas to challenge conventional thinking about how to sell profitably.

Five Best Selling Business Books, Popular International Speaker.

VIVA - Virtual Interactive Value - Added Selling - Ideas You Should Have Introduced Yesterday

The price objection is never valid. Learn from a former top Account Executive (#1 out of 1,100) & National Account Manager for AT&T. Helping companies of all sizes raise their prices & volumes simultaneously. Learn how the science of selling, the new buyer expectations, & the latest technologies & processes can keep you ahead of your competitors – large & small.

NSA Speaker Hall of Fame, Professional Speaker & Sales Trainer, Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Veterans Advocate of the Year.

Driving Sales By Delivering Superior Customer Service

For over 40 years John has focused solely on helping organisations drive a service culture, creating customer experiences based on practicality, simplicity and common sense.

Global Leader, Author and Founder & President of The Service Quality Institute.

Business On The Block

Blockchain technologies are helping companies to stay competitive in a world where consumers demand proof of ethical, sustainable supply chains. Find out what makes blockchain special and how businesses, from car manufacturers to farmers are using it to build trust and save money.

Author, Speaker, Digital Strategist, Blockchain Explainer.

How To Develop & Coach A Remote Sales Team

Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders, named one of the best leading coaching organisations worldwide. Since 1989 Keith has delivered programs to over 3 million sales leaders on six continents and in over 75 countries. In Keith’s presentation he will show you leadership & performance skills that can help you develop and motivate your sales team, even when working remotely.

Influential Executive Coach, a #1 Best-Selling Author of Sales Leadership & Coaching.

Fitness And Finance : Know Your Numbers

When you do any form of exercise or go to the gym, I’m sure you know the numbers for your heartbeat, calories burned and distance run or walked. You might even know your weight, blood pressure and other data about your own performance but what about your business?
What data do you know about your business? What should you know?

Professional Trainer & Coach. Avid Networker and Public Speaker.

Get Your Business Sprinting

The Foster family began hand-making running shoes back in the late 19th century, supplying the likes of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams – later immortalised in ‘Chariots of Fire’.

Joe will share an incredible and inspiring story, revealing the grit, hard choices and personal sacrifices that go into creating a world beating brand.

As the surviving Founder of Reebok, Joe welcomes the opportunity to travel and recount those early stories from start-up to becoming World No.1.

Leadership & Performance with Dr Feel Good

One of Australia’s leading sports and performance psychologists, Dr. Phil works with teams, elite sports people, successful corporates and families. He has worked with the Australian team at three Olympic games and has been engaged super coach Wayne Bennett to work with key team players.

Phil is an accredited educator with various government departments. A dynamic keynote speaker and workshop trainer who is in demand throughout Australia and internationally.

50 years in UK media – How?

Fred is an English TV Presenter, Broadcaster & Author, clocking up a professional career spanning more than 50 years. Something of a national treasure he has appeared as presenter for many television programmes, including Tell The Truth, How, How 2, as well as Pass The Buck and Gambit.

Joining ITV Meridian in 1983 he inherited the position of chief male anchor, hosting alongside Natasha Kaplinsky, Debbie Thrower & Jane Wyatt.

Keep On Pushin Past Your Obstacles

Original member and captain of the Jamaican bobsled team that inspired the film ‘Cool Runnings’. An absolutely fantastic keynote speaker, Devon now inspires audiences of all ages to dream big and take your game to the next level.

At the heart of his talk are the lessons learned from his own journey and the importance of persistence and the power in overcoming obstacles.

Motivational Keynote Speaker. Three Time Olympian.

How To Become A POWERHOUSE LinkedIn Influencer

Join this Workshop where Edward Zia will share his own personal secrets as to how he’s taken off on LinkedIn and built a powerful global community and gets seen over 100,000+ times a day online.

He will talk how to write a top Bio and his secrets on Content Creation and more.

International Master Coach – Creating Master Persuaders & Influencers. Marketing Mentor + Meetup Leader.

How To Beat The Boom Bust Bollocks

Everything in life is about cause and effect! You take action and there will be a result. Lots of people in business and sport try and fix the ‘effect’ rather than change the ’cause’ and they don’t get the new result that they want. Ash is the go to guy to help you change the ‘Cause’ of your results!
Ash will be speaking about Psychological Reprogramming & Performance Enhancement. He is an NLP Master Trainer, EFT Practitioner & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

How To Run A World Cup During Covid

Sharing experience, insights and ideas Jon will share with you exactly what it takes to stage a global event, in the most challenging of circumstances.

As the Chief Executive of the Rugby League World Cup 2021, Jon has been involved with the project since the inception in late 2015, having successfully led the bid for the tournament including a £25m funding award from HM Government.

Jon is a sports management graduate with over 25 years’ experience in the sports and also member of UK Sport Major Events Panel.

The Secret Strategy of Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant

After attending the workshop, you’ll have your most common questions answered. What can I hire a VA to do?; How much does a VA charge? Do I really need a VA? The top 3 mistakes made when hiring a VA; The best time to hire a VA and more. Plus, Melissa will share the secret strategy behind hiring the right VA that eliminates time debt.

Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants and The PVA. Best-Selling Author & Mentor.

Inspired To Excel

With a passion for people, Lucas loves helping people and businesses find the success that often eludes them.

Focusing on how the small pieces influence the big picture and impact the future direction of an organisation, Lucas helps leaders with their business reach and relevance, whilst helping individuals develop personally and professionally.

An astute business strategist with the ability to simplify complex problems Lucas unifies leadership and organisations, creating better and brighter synergies.

Leadership In A Digital World

Mark is a NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator business mentor who is passionate about supporting business owners and leaders improve their performance and productivity. Committed to enabling SMEs to better adapt to new technologies and equipping people with the skills they need to thrive in the evolving global digital economy.

And experienced Managing Director and Non-Exec with a background working in international corporates and with SMEs.

DISC For Better Sales Performance

As a certified trainer with Everything DiSC, Heather helps you better understand your customers and your team members behavioural styles, to drive revenue and work together more effectively.

Working with senior level executives and HR she ensures organisations are hiring the right talent.

Heather will show you how to leverage DiSC for better business results.

Helping Organisations, Sales Leaders & Sales Reps to Connect with their Buyers and Win More Deals through Sales Development Training & Digital Selling.

Community Led Business Growth

A hugely underestimated issue in business ownership is the sense of being ‘alone’. Penny describes this as ‘Business Loneliness’. Recognising that few people really want to hear those words, although this is what many of us are confronting.

Exploring the huge economic impact of ‘aloneness’ and issues of relevance, innovation, resilience and connections.

Founder of Ecademy with husband Thomas (the world’s first business social network) predating Linkedin by four years. Recognised with an OBE in 2014 for her contribution to entrepreneurs.

Thoughts From A Chairman Of A 200 Million Dollar Company

With more than 35 years of experience David has successfully started, owned and operated a wide range of businesses, with a particular interest in companies which are advancing technology.

Including national and international experience in tech start ups, selling, licensing, merging and acquiring businesses, arranging funding for management buy outs and driving the successful listing of companies on the London and Australian Stock Exchanges.

With a focus on leadership roles in the environmental and industrial technology sectors. David has also served as both a director, non-executive director, Chair and advisor to both public and private companies in the technology, communications, finance, wealth management, insurance, risk management and sporting sectors.

Malaysia’s Business Leader On Social Enterprises And Philanthropic Endeavours

Dr Lee Oi Kum is the Founder member of her own family foundation, Houde Foundation. She is the second generation in a family business, the Taiko Group, started by her father in the palm oil plantations sector, chemical sector and land development sector.

Dr Lee is the chairperson of the agritech company, Ekomoditi Sdn Bhd, servicing the plantation industry players with ERP systems for estates management operating in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Creating The Perfect Pitch

Alex has 30+ years experience, knowledge and expertise within running events, from running his own marketing agency, to coaching businesses, you will learn new insights and inspiration into how to prepare your pitch.
He will take you back to the basics, showing you how to structure – outlining the full architecture involved into creating the perfect pitch, a pitch that will not only get you noticed but also win you more customers.

Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, mBraining Master Coach & Crypto Enthusiast.

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Paul Bohill has been able to build up a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the enforcement sector from a career spanning over 50 years.

Starting his career in the West Midlands Police where he tried his hand at a number of different departments before becoming a fast response driver and co-founding member of the police underwater search unit.

Best known for his role as the business owner Bailiff in the TV hit series Can’t pay? We’ll take it away!

Thoughts From The Co-Founder Of City AM

Lawson has since 1988 carved out a career in TV media and media ownership, including stints within Scottish TV Eurosport and CNN.

He co-founded City AM in 2006 and has developed a readership in the hundreds of thousands, who according to YouGov are the most affluent in the UK!

Wealth Creation Is A Family Affair

Scott is the Founder of Fitzpatricks, helping successful business owners, professionals and partners of legal and accounting firms and their families develop a life plan and become financially well organised.
Scott also regularly trains and coaches other professionals in wealth management on the Fitzpatricks’ model of planning, and regularly presents this unique approach to bodies across Australia, whilst overseeing the direction of the Fitzpatricks’ brand.

Founder of Fitzpatricks, Trainer & Coach.

The Benefits Of SEO Campaigns

Search Engine Rankings are important to most businesses, the search terms that you are found for will help drive people looking for your services to your website. SEO campaigns don’t have to be difficult and expensive.

Craig will tell you how he SEO can work for your business, driving more traffic to your website, resulting in more sales for you.

SEO Trainer & Consultant. Well known in the SEO world, with over 40,000 LinkedIn in followers.

How Running A Multi Billion Dollar Company And A Small Business Are The Same

Mr Cusack is an honorary life member of the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia Inc.

He joined CRA Limited (now Rio Tinto Limited) in 1966 and retired from the position of Managing Director of Rio Tinto Australia in December 2001.

Mr Cusack was President of the Minerals Council of Australia from 2001 to 2003 (member since 1996).

Practical, Profitable, Partnerships. How YOU can successfully use collaborations to grow your business

Partnerships and collaborations have been a couple of ‘the’ buzz words of the last year, but what does it actually mean to implement a successful one that delivers the results you’re looking for? It’s one thing being open to working this way, but mindsets don’t pay the bills.

In this workshop Dave will give practical tips on how to ensure that you get your partnerships right first time, so you can grow your business in a way where everyone gains value.

Chief Collaborator at Collaboration Junkie, Speaker. Passion about Partnerships.

Priority And Time Management

In this workshop Joe will talk you through how you can gain clarity, improve focus and execute the highest revenue producing actions.

Ranked as one of the TOP 2 sales trainers internationally by Global Guru’s and his sales development voted BEST IN THE WORLD. Functioned as a catalyst for sales teams and individuals.

CEO & Co-Founder of Pici & Pici Inc, keynote speaker, author, host for popular SALES EGDE podcast.

How To Buy Property On BBX

Saviz has a passion working for BBX in the digital trade credit space. After passing his apprenticeship in 2014 he then began the Bizspot journey. Using his knowledge of spare capacity and building communities he created the world’s first centralised property hub, that uses all types of currency [fiat, crypto, digital and contra] to enable both private individuals, as well as business owners, to climb aboard the property ladder.

Saviz has $2.2 billion worth of property on his books and is looking to expand beyond Australia in the near future.

Easy, Quick, Lovely Sales (or ‘How to win more work, without doing more work!’)

Learn what the world’s best salespeople do, to win lots of sales, very quickly!

Critical things like how to: get more leads, convert them quickly, and overcome the objections you hear all the time.

This talk will give you loads of techniques, insights and practical stuff you can use immediately.

Our speakers are father and daughter Andy and Meg Bounds. Andy was voted ‘Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year’, and has helped his customers win £billions of new sales. Meg is an exceptional salesperson, consistently hitting 150% of target. Apply what they say, and you WILL sell more!

Business Fitness Aussie style

Do you struggle to find the time and energy to make your health a priority and put yourself first?
Let’s face it, in today’s world our lives are becoming busier and buiser than ever before! Holly will give strategies and coach Busy Individuals who struggle to find the time to put themselves and their health first through time efficient workouts, nutrition and online coaching.

Queen Of LinkedIn Fitness. Personal Trainer – Helping You Make Health a Priority!

No Nonsense Tips On How To Buy A Business

Find out how you can buy and sell a business, without risking your own capital. Jonathan Jay has bought and sold businesses for over 20 years. He will teach you how to source and negotiate deals, with the intention of generating cash flow and exit opportunities, without having to work in the business day to day and as a bolt on to an existing business.

Acquisitions Strategist, Author, and host for Deal Makers Academy podcast.

Millennials are Taking Over: Advancing the Leaders of the Future

Jennifer Wisdom, PhD MPH ABPP is an expert on Millennials; she is the author of Millennials’ Guide to Work, Millennials’ Guide to Management and Leadership, and Millennials’ Guide to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. She has worked with complex health care, government, and educational environments for 25 years, including serving in the U.S. military, working with non-profit service delivery programs, and as university professor and administrator.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author, Consultant, and Researcher

Leadership & Personal Growth Webinar

People don’t realise that leadership is a role of service. It is the leader’s job to serve their people, not for the people to serve their leader. At the end of the day, leadership is about influencing people, NOT managing people or telling them what to do. Learn how to become a highly effective leader and enhance your leadership skills.

Author of “MANAGER TO LEADER” + Thought Leader at HighlyEffectiveLeader.com

Did You Know Most Business Start-ups In The U.S. Are Launched By People Aged 45 And Above?

Rick is a lifelong innovator, now exploring entrepreneurship in the second half of life. His focus is on building sustainable new markets and networks.

Board Member at Centre for Ageless Entrepeneurs, Author.

Selling Doesn’t Work; Curiosity Does

Diane Helbig, founder of Helbig Enterprises, is improving the world one small business at a time. Her superpower of being a pragmatic possibilities thinker allows her to help her clients embrace realistic innovative solutions to everyday business challenges.

An award-winning Author and Speaker, Podcast Host, and member of the Newsweek Expert Forum. Diane’s most recent book, Succeed Without Selling provides small business owners and sales professionals with an honest look at what works, and doesn’t work, in the sales process.

Who Do You Think You Are? A question most brands cannot answer. Can you?

Douglas Spencer has more than 30 years of experience as a Brand Strategist. He will discuss with you how strong brands improve business performance through strategic alignment, employee engagement, and more.

Speaker, Author and Brand Strategist – helping mission-driven leaders reframe their focus and remaster their message to thrive in any environment.

Before starting Spencer Brenneman Douglas was Global Head of Brand for Thomson Reuters. In that role, he guided the migration of the multiple Thomson and Reuters businesses to form the new Thomson Reuters brand which consistently ranked within the top 50 of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands.

Presentation Skills – Overcome The Challenges That Come with Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking Michael knows the failure that can come with it.
In this presentation Michael will give you tips and advice as to how you can overcome your speaking struggles and create a positive speaking mindset, concise and meaningful messages, and skills to deliver in a dynamic style.

Coaching Leaders to Become Confident and Influential Presenters.

When you love your job, you never work another day in your life. Making wine is not work, it is labour of love.

It was a double magnum of Krug 1979 that first piqued Emma Rice’s interest in wine. Her love of the wine industry firmly cemented, Emma subsequently worked in the London wine trade and as editor of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book. At the age of 29, Emma decided to study viticulture and oenology at Plumpton College. After graduating she worked in California and Tasmania before moving back to the UK to help set up Hattingley.

Head Winemaker and Director at Hattingley. Female winemaker to have been twice-awarded the UK Winemaker of the Year, in 2014 and again in 2016.

Have A Whole Lot Of Sheets And Giggles With Colin

Colin is the CEO of Sheets & Giggles, a sustainable bedding brand based in Denver, is famous for their eucalyptus sheets, which were recently featured on Good Morning America. Colin and his team have scaled S&G to over $1 million in monthly sales in only 2 years since shipping their first box. S&G participated in Techstars Boulder 2019 and has raised $2 million total from investors, though they’ve been almost entirely revenue-funded since summer 2019.

Now fully remote due to the pandemic, Sheets & Giggles grew its business dramatically in 2020. The company was proud to be able to donate $40,000 to Colorado COVID relief, and their reforestation efforts have resulted in tens of thousands of new trees planted in the United States (one planted per order).

7 Actions To Avoid Burnout Whilst Growing Your Business

In this short recording you will learn how improved life-work balance, strategy, and work productivity mastery is the best way to approach your life and work moving forwards.

Say no to the ‘always on’, long work hours culture and act on Daryl’s first 7 actions to avoid burnout, whilst growing your business with less stress, more energy, bigger results and more time to enjoy your life.

Daryl Woodhouse is a leading global expert and professional speaker making it easy for entrepreneurs and their hard-working team members to live a happier life whilst optimising the business success results.

What Makes A Great Leader

Rory Lawson is a former Scottish international rugby union player who played his career in Scotland and England as a scrum half. He captained Scotland in 5 of his 31 appearances and is a third-generation rugby family after his grandfather the legendary commentator Bill McLaren and Father Alan.

He is now an executive leadership coach and rugby broadcaster pundit and commentator.

Extraordinary Events For The Rich Powerful And Famous

Liz Brewer is a world-renowned event’s organiser and expert on social behaviour and etiquette.

A former Diary Editor of Tatler, Liz was selected as the etiquette and social behaviour teacher on ITV’s award-winning TV series Ladette to Lady, which filmed six series over seven years.

Become A VIP, Save, Get Visible And Be A CSR Rockstar

Do you want to save money on your supermarket shopping, online shopping, days out with the kids, cinema trips, household stuff, plumbing emergencies, clothes, food? The list goes on!

And most importantly our VIP’s save money supporting independent businesses!
Join this interview to find out how you can become a VIP, save, get visible and be a CSR Rockstar!

Multi award winning Entrepreneur, Founder of My VIP Card and The UK Parenting Forum.

Do More. More Naturally: The Secret To Truly Productive Teams

In this session, you’ll discover the part of the mind that philosophers since Plato have talked about, but most business leaders miss. Conation is the key predictor of performance on the job, and Kolbe Corp has been helping business, sports, government and non-profit leaders understand how to leverage it for success for 40 years.

Join David Kolbe, CEO Visionary at Kolbe Corp for help identifying and tapping into the power of your instinctive strengths – and those of your team – to optimize team performance, jumpstart productivity, reduce stress, and unlock joy at work and home.

The Power Of Barter For Small Businesses

In this discussion, BizX Co-Founder and CEO Bob Bagga discusses how a barter community can work for a variety of businesses, the strength and resilience he saw in small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of word of mouth marketing, and his business journey that led to him becoming the CEO of BizX.

Founder, CEO & President at BizXchange .

How To Create 1 Year of Marketing Material in 5 Days.

Elizabeth takes the time to create a one room school house environment where she connects with audience at all levels and shares actionable tasks that will transform their marketing. She shares with attendees how to harness the power of the foundational aspects of marketing and achieve the results they desire.

International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience.




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